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Relive the challenge of playing minesweeper for you favorite 8-bit computer. 

Find the mines, using the surrounding count to decide which squares are clear and which need to be flagged. Find all the mines and beat your best time.

Available for: Sega Master System, Commodore C64, ZX Spectrum 48/128, ZX Spectrum Next, ColecoVision, MSX, Sega SG-1000,  SpectraVision SV-318/328, Memotech MTX 500/512, Sord M5, Atari 5200/800, Elan Enterprises 128 and Amstrad CPC,

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Published 27 days ago
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
TagsAmstrad CPC, atari, Commodore 64, MSX, ZX Spectrum


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Minesweeper-1.03.zip 190 kB


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Your archive contains separate downloads for the ZX Spectrum and the ZX Spectrum 128. These are clearly not the same because the code is different between the two, yet I can find no functional difference between them. There isn't any AY-3-8912 sound in the 128K version, which would be one reason to have two versions. Also, both versions work equally well on 48K Spectrums (even the supposed 128K version – which is actually smaller than the 48K version).

Could you therefore please explain what the difference is between these two versions? Thanks!

Yeah, I was perplexed by this. Neither version appears to have any sound at all, and I can't imagine it was difficult to squeeze into 48K, so... what's the 128 version about?

Nice Minesweeper game, thank you. I also added that to my New Games On C64 from January 2024 -video too.

Compared to other versions it doesn't look so good on C64.

Thanks for the Enterprise version!

But at now the game is not playable:

◾ There is something strange with the timer and game suddenly freezes.

◾ The yellow color of the number "1" is too difficult to read (very similar to an empty cell).

◾ In the IJKL key layout, instead of "L", assigned ":".

Gameboy version... GOGO :)

There is just the little problem that standard C64 joysticks only have one firebutton.

could we get a windows version??