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A Tetris clone for 8-bit computers and consoles.

Based on the original DOS version, play the classic block matching game now with the classic background images.

Supported platforms: Sega Master System, ZX Spectrum 48/128, ColecoVision, MSX, Sega SG-1000, SpectraVision SV-318/328, Memotech MTX 512, Sord M5, Atari 800/5200 (experimental), Elan Enterprise and Amstrad CPC.

Version 1.03

  • Fixed SVI and M5 packages

Version 1.02

  • Added Sord M5 support
  • Added Atari 800/5200 support (experimental)
  • Added Elan Enterprise support

Version 1.01

  • Fixed Game Over text

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Tags8-Bit, Amstrad CPC, MSX, Relaxing, Retro, sega-master-system, ZX Spectrum


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Bloktris-1.03.zip 372 kB


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I'm unable to run Bloktris 1.03 on MSX :-( , nor on emulators, FPGA or "real" hardware. It just hangs.

Nice! Is there a Sord m5 version too?

Yes, I've added it in this version. It's great to see someone interested the Sort M5

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Cool! Only... it seems in the ZIP file for it is actually a copy of the MSX ROM instead

update: working - at least in MAME - as of 1.03! thank you very much :) - now i need to figure out how to get a homebrew ROM game running on the real computer

Nice game! I especially like the Spectrum 128 version. One question, though. Why the background images don't change as the player progresses in the game and change only by selecting different levels?

I did it that way originally, but I felt that it pause loading the new image on the next level interfered with the flow of the gameplay too much, so I changed it just load on start.

I see. It's a pity though.

What program you use to port your games to all those platforms?

Great game. Played the Master System version. The only problem is the "Game Over" text glitches, it fills the background image with garbage text when it appears. I've tried it on Emulicious and Kega Fusion. Happened on both.

Thanks. I always forget to test the game over part. I've updated it and it should work now.

Thank you! It works perfectly now.

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Deleted 234 days ago

Why not doing a good version for Atari 8 bits ? You can !

Awesome version ! Congrats.

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Very nice one! You're on fire! I love the upgrade with some Nintendo's gameplay features like the ability to turn shapes clockwise and anti-clockwise using fire 1 and fire 2, or to drop them down  line by line.

No C64 version?

It's possible to make Enterprise 128k version?

I'm currently working on it:

Nice Tetris!